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Architectural Guidelines

Desrochers Villages has partnered with an Architectural Consultant to ensure standards of excellence in streetscapes and landscaping.

» Phase 12 Architectural Guidelines (updated)

» Phase 11 Architectural Guidelines (updated)

» Phase 10 Architectural Guidelines

» Phase 9 Architectural Guidelines

» Phase 7 Architectural Guidelines

» Phase 6 Architectural Guidelines

» Phase 5 Architectural Guidelines

» Phase 4 Architectural Guidelines

» Phase 1+2+3 Architectural Guidelines

Fence Detail Plan

Important! Information about Fence Construction and Landscaping Deposit Refunds

We recommend you read this information carefully and ensure that you AND your landscaping contractor understand the fencing requirements fully to avoid delays or issues getting your landscaping deposit refund back


Completion of fencing is not a requisite to the final inspection, however if fencing is in place at time of final inspection it will be assessed for compliance with the guideline standard for the neighbourhood. Non-compliance will be treated as a deficiency, affecting the refund of landscaping deposit.

Pond-Backing Lots

All wood screen fencing must be consistent in design and colour with the fencing style established for the subdivision.

Lots backing onto the pond may utilize wood screen fence at the side property lines: The fence may be full height to a point 10’ forward of the rear property line, where the fence must be ANGLED down to match the height of the developer installed chain link fence at the rear.


Deposit & Refund Information

Please visit the Resources For Homeowners page of the livemlc website for information pertaining to Deposits & Refunds.

Landscaping Questions

Please visit the Landscaping Questions section of the livemlc website for information pertaining to landscaping, including information on the new City of Edmonton guidelines.

Homeowners Association (HOA)

A Homeowners Association(HOA) will be established approximately 1 year from completion* of the new development so that the community can continue maintain and preserve it’s architectural integrity for years to come.

*One year from completion of the neighbourhood typically means that all the lots and homes are sold.

Once the HOA is established, it allows the community to maintain its high standards.

Residents who are interested in working together as a community prior to the HOA being established are advised to join the Heritage Pointe Community League.

Download the fact sheet or submit your name for future volunteer positions on the Desrochers Villages HOA.