A New High School in Desrochers

Photo of Premier at a press conference announcing the new high school
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Let the planning begin!

A new high school is coming to southwest Edmonton. On November 17th, 2017 the Alberta government announced plans to build a new high school in Heritage Valley.

The public school district plans to build the high school in two phases:

  • First, a $79 million building to accommodate 1,800 students
  • Later, a $9 million addition to accommodate another 600 students

When Will the New Heritage Valley High School Be Ready?

The current government has committed to the school being a top priority and construction is expected to begin in late 2019 or early 2020. Visit the New Schools & Modernizations page of epsb.ca to stay up-to-date.

2018 Update

A name has been approved! The new high school will named after Dr. Anne Anderson who authored more 90 books about Cree language and Métis history. 
Read more about Dr. Anne Anderson’s biography.

Where Will the New Heritage Valley High School Be Located?

West of James Mowatt Trail and north of 35th Avenue.
35th Avenue is not constructed yet, but it is within 5 minutes walking distance just north of the entrance to Desrochers.
View the approximate location on Google Maps.

Why Is This Good News for Desrochers Residents?

Edmonton continues to experience dramatic growth, which means a real problem with overcrowded schools. Desrochers residents can breathe a sigh of relief with the announcement of the new high school. Rather than long bus rides, families will have direct access to a new pubic high school.

Here’s what Premier Rachel Notley says about the new high school in heritage valley:

“Our investment in a new high school in Heritage Valley is an investment in our kids. We know that building new schools is one of the most important investments we can make as a government, and we know this area of Edmonton desperately needs a new high school due to growing enrolment. Our government will always ensure that local students have a safe and caring place to learn.”
— Rachel Notley, Premier

Which Communities will directly benefit from the new high school?

  • Allard
  • Blackmud Creek
  • Callaghan
  • Cashman
  • Cavanagh
  • Chappelle
  • Desrochers
  • Graydon Hill
  • Hays Ridge
  • Heritage Valley
  • Heritage Valley Town Centre
  • MacEwan
  • Paisley
  • Richford
  • Rutherford

More Space for More Students

Global News reports that there will be more students than space by the 2021/22 school year. In order to avoid mass crowding, the government said high school design and preparation needs to happen this year to be ready for the incoming wave of students. Lucky for Desrochers residents, the school will be right next door! Having a community high school improves quality of life for local families.

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